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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Carl Jung on the Guatamala UFO

To James Kirsch

Dear Kirsch, 29 April 1958

Thank you for your letter and the additional information about the Guatemala Ufo!

I am glad at least to have made an understatement and not the contrary.

(Here I notice that I am quite needlessly answering you in English, due to the fact that by now I have come to speak more English than German.)

0 quae mutatio rerum!

It is characteristic that in your dream it is the Russians who send the Ufos (white discs), for Russia represents the other side which complements the West.

I wish you good luck and patience for your theological talks.

I know only a few theologians who understand the difference between image and original and take it seriously.

Too little humilitas and too much hybris!

And what about the psychologists?

V ae scientibusf

I am getting along fairly well, growing older all the time.

With best regards,

Yours ever,

c. G. J U N G

~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. II, Pages 433-434