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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Carl Jung on Johann Sebastian Bach

After a lecture in Munich, two non-Jungian women came up to Jung and told him that great artists surely don’t have a shadow.

“What about Johann Sebastian Bach?” they asked.

Jung replied “You should be very thankful you were not married to Johann Sebastian Bach. [Note: A citation is needed]

[Image and Passage courtesy of Craig Nelson]

Jazz and all that sort of stuff is silly and stultifying. But it is even worse when they play classics in such a place. Bach, for instance. Bach talks to God. I am gripped by Bach. But I could slay a man who plays Bach in banal surroundings. ~Carl Jung, C.G. Jung Speaking, Page 249.

Jaffe reports "a penchant for Negro spirituals" along with Bach, Handel Mozart, and early music. A string quartet of Schubert had to be turned off because "it moved him too much," while Beethoven's late quartets "churned him up almost beyond endurance." ~C.G. Jung Speaking, Page 249.

The book [Answer to Job] "came to me" during the fever of an illness. It was as if accompanied by the great music of a Bach or a Handel. I don't belong to the auditory type. So I did not hear anything, I just had the feeling of listening to a great composition, or rather of being at a concert. ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. II, Pages 115-116.

one of five music renditions played at Dr. Jung’s Funeral:

Many an old craftsman who produced a marvelous piece of art was utterly unconscious of the fact.
I am rather convinced that the great composer Bach was such a fellow.
He did not know what he was really producing.
He composed nice chants for the church and other things, but I am very doubtful if he knew that he was the composer Bach. ~Carl Jung, Zarathustra Seminar, Page 668. ..

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