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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

An invitation to discuss Dr. Jung’s “Green Dream” and “Green Christ Vision.”

Ars Nova: Understanding the Alchemical Mystery in the Age of Aquarius is a book written my Robert F. Mannis.

By way of full disclosure let me say that I know Bob personally although we did not renew contact with each other after a goodly number of years last August.

Bob’s book largely revolves around Dr. Jung’s “Green Dream” [See Dream Below] and his book revolves around the subject of “understanding the Alchemical Mystery in the Age of Aquarius.”

Bob would be greatly interested in what people think of Dr. Jung’s “Green Dream” as well as his “Green Christ Vision” [See Below]

Bob has a website wherein you may comment on these and I would encourage members to do so.

His website may be found at the link below:

The website is new so hopefully people will drop by even if only to introduce themselves.

Bob would like to actively engage in a discussion of both the dream and vision as found in Memories Dreams and Reflections.

Thank you.

Dr. Jung’s “Green Dream”:

Then, around Christmas of 1912, 1 had a dream. In the dream I found myself in a magnificent Italian loggia with pillars, a marble floor, and a marble balustrade.

I was sitting on a gold Renaissance chair; in front of me was a table of rare beauty.

It was made of green stone, like emerald.

There I sat, looking out into the distance, for the loggia was set high up on the tower of a castle.

My children were sitting at the table too.

Suddenly a white bird descended, a small sea gull or a dove.

Gracefully, it came to rest on the table, and I signed to the children to be still so that they would not frighten away the pretty white bird.

Immediately, the dove was transformed into a little girl, about eight years of age, with golden blond hair.

She ran off with the children and played with them among the colonnades of the castle.

I remained lost in thought, musing about what I had just experienced.

The little girl returned and tenderly placed her arms around my neck.

Then she suddenly vanished; the dove was back and spoke slowly in a human voice.

"Only in the first hours of the night can I transform myself into a human being, while the male dove is busy with the twelve dead.”

Then she flew off into the blue air, and I awoke.

l was greatly stirred.

What business would a male dove having with twelve dead people?

In connection with the emerald table the story of the Tabula Smaragdina occurred to the emerald table in the alchemical legend of Hermes Trismegistos.

He was said to have left behind him a table upon which the basic tenets of alchemical wisdom were engraved in Greek.

I also thought of the twelve apostles, the twelve months the year, the signs of the zodiac, etc.

But I could find no solution to the enigma.

Finally I had to give it up.

All I knew with any certainty was that the dream indicated an unusual activation of the unconscious.

But I knew no technique whereby I might get to the bottom of my inner processes, and so there remained nothing for me to do but wait, go on with my life, and pay close attention to my fantasies

~Carl Jung, Memories Dreams and Reflections, Pages 171-172


E. A. Bennet noted Jung's comments on this dream:

''At first he thought the 'twelve dead men' referred to the twelve days before Christmas for that is the dark time of the year, when traditionally witches are about.

To say 'before Christmas' is to say 'before the sun lives again: for Christmas day is at the turning point of the year when the sun's birth was celebrated in the Mithraic religion ...

Only much later did he relate the dream to Hermes and the twelve doves" (Meetings with Jung: Conversations recorded by E. A. Bennet during the Years 1946-196. ~The Red Book, Introduction, Footnote 31.

Dr. Jung’s “Green Christ Vision.”:

In 1939 1 gave a seminar on the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius Loyola.

At the same time I was occupied on the studies for Psychology and Alchemy.

One night I awoke and saw, bathed in bright light at the foot of my bed, the figure of Christ on the Cross.

It was not quite life-size, but extremely distinct; and I saw that his body was made of greenish gold.

The vision was marvelously beautiful, and yet I was profoundly shaken by it.

A vision as such is nothing unusual for me, for I frequently see extremely vivid hypnagogic images.

I had been thinking a great deal about the Anima Christi, one of the meditations from the Spiritual Exercises.

The vision came to me as if to point out that I had overlooked something in my reflections: the analogy of Christ with the aurum non vulgi and the viriditas of the alchemists.

When I realized that the vision pointed to this central alchemical symbol, and that I had had an essentially alchemical vision of Christ, I felt comforted.

The green gold is the living quality which the alchemists saw not only in man but also in inorganic nature.

It is an expression of the life-spirit, the anima mundi or films macrocosmi, the Anthropos who animates the whole cosmos.

This spirit has poured himself out into everything, even into inorganic matter; he is present in metal and stone.

My vision was thus a union of the Christ-image with his analogue in matter, the filius macrocosmi.

If I had not been so struck by the greenish-gold, I would have been tempted to assume that something essential was missing from my "Christian" view in other words, that my traditional Christ-image was somehow inadequate and that I still had to catch up with part of the Christian development.

The emphasis on the metal, however, showed me the undisguised alchemical conception of Christ as a union of spiritually alive and physically dead matter.” ~Carl Jung, Memories Dreams and Reflections, Pages 210-211.